• Question: What is an interesting discovery that has recently been made in psychology?

    Asked by M@ to Andy, Diana, James, Mary, Wil on 6 Mar 2017.
    • Photo: Wilhelmiina Toivo

      Wilhelmiina Toivo answered on 6 Mar 2017:

      There was a Japanese study couple of year back that found out you can concentrate better after looking at pictures of cute animals.

    • Photo: James Gudgeon

      James Gudgeon answered on 6 Mar 2017:

      There’s interesting studies about how people eat food in restaurants. If your waiter is overweight then you are more likely to choose a dessert with your meal!

    • Photo: Andrew Jones

      Andrew Jones answered on 6 Mar 2017:

      Playing Spanish music in a supermarket led to people buying more Spanish wine. If Italian music was played then people bought more Italian wine. Similarly, when you get people to listen to rock music they drink more (compared to pop!).

    • Photo: Mary Spiller

      Mary Spiller answered on 6 Mar 2017:

      There’s a recent study that shows teenagers brains’ process risk differently when their mum is near by, as compared to an unfamiliar adult – in the study they got teenage girls to do a driving game while having their brains’ scanned, and they compared brain activity when they took risks when either their mum was watching or another woman they didn’t know.