• Question: How can animals evolve? How do the change?

    Asked by 239dech52 to Andy, Diana, James, Mary, Wil on 14 Mar 2017.
    • Photo: Wilhelmiina Toivo

      Wilhelmiina Toivo answered on 6 Mar 2017:

      The animals that are the best adapted to their environment will survive (for example in snowy countries, the rabbits that most efficiently change their colour in the winter will have better chances at staying alive), and have a chance to reproduce. This means their genes will be passed on to the next generation of animals, and in the course of time this is how animals evolve further. Also, because animals want to ensure their genes are passed on, they will choose their partner based on who has the best genes to survive. This means animals who are the best adapted, will have the most luck in mating, as well as in surviving.

      Animals can also change by learning. There are two basic types of learning: they can either try things themselves and get it wrong until they get it right eventually, or they can observe other animals and learn from that.

    • Photo: Diana Kornbrot

      Diana Kornbrot answered on 14 Mar 2017:

      each new born animal has some new genes as reproduction of parent genes is not perfect.
      most are neutral
      some are harmful so those animals will leave less offspring
      some are useful sot those animals will leave more children
      some like that for sickle cell aneamia are good if inherited from 1 paretn [resistant to malaria] but harmful if inherited from both parents [sickle cell aneamia chldren die youn].
      So each generation is slighlty different from its predecessor.
      Some believe this leads to GRADUAL evolution over time.
      Other s believe that evolutions is SUDDEN when one very good gene spreads quickly through a population