Who’s Taking Part: March 2017

The Scientists

Wilhelmiina Toivo | PhD Student, University of Glasgow

I want to find out why it is easier to swear and talk about awkward topics in your second language.

Mary Spiller | Lecturer, University of East London

I am a psychologist and I study how the brain uses information from our senses to make sense of the world.

Diana Kornbrot Professor, University of Hertfordshire

I study how people way up evidence to make important decisions that may affect their lives or the lives of others.

Andrew Jones LecturerUniversity of Liverpool

I examine the behaviour of drunk people, and why people get drunk in the first place.

James Gudgeon | Strategist & Consumer Psychologist, DECIDE

I figure out what makes people chose things. Where they choose, when they choose, but also how we can make people chose different things.

The Schools

  • Alford Academy, Aberdeenshire
  • Cambourne Village College, Cambridgeshire
  • Dame Alice Owen’s School, Hertfordshire
  • Fakenham Academy, Norfolk
  • Horbury Academy, West Yorkshire
  • International School of Toulouse, France
  • Lewis Girls’ Comprehensive School, Gwent
  • Malcolm Arnold Academy, Northamptonshire
  • Oakbank, Berkshire
  • Oasis Academy Wintringham, Lincolnshire
  • Sarah Bonnell School, London
  • Somervale School Specialist Media Arts College, Somerset
  • Westbridge Academy, Suffolk
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